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Durakool NTC Packaged Battery Pack Temperature Sensors

Durakool offer reliable DTS (epoxy) and DTSE (epoxy) battery temperature sensors.

  • Cable UL4411 24AWG 2C TS 125˚C 300V black
  • Black epoxy
  • MF58-R25=10KΩ±1% B25/50=3380K±1%

Click here for the DTS battery pack temperature datasheet

Click here for the DTSE (with eyelet) battery pack temperature datasheet

Durakool Platinum Temperature Sensors (PT)

Durakool Platinum Temperature Sensors (PT)

Durakool high precision DPS Series PT Sensors are thin film resistance temperature detectors made using platinum for the sensing element. They consist of a structured platinum film on a ceramics substrate, coated in glass. They comply with DIN EN 60751. Due to their small size and low mass, these are considered to be amongst the most accurate temperature sensors available

In addition to providing excellent stability and repeatability, they have a low time constant are therefore, suitable for use in precise process and industrial automation environments, especially around motors, generators and other high voltage equipment.

Click here for DPS Series Durakool Platinum Sensors Datasheet datasheet

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