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Automotive applications that require hermetic seals



Our hermetic seal solutions will make a significant contribution to reliability improvements for many critical automotive components, allowing the vehicle industry to continuously improve vehicle performance.

The automotive industry are looking for ever smaller, lighter reliable solutions. Hermetic seal components are the ideal solution in such environments where temperature fluctuations and high pressure are inevitable.


Automotive applications include:

Acceleration Sensors
Air Conditioning Compressors
Airbag Sensors
Alternator Regulator
Battery Covers
Break Control
Engine Control
G-Force Sensors
Glass Seals for Airbag Igniters and Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners
Humidity Sensors
Injection Pressure Monitoring
Methanol Sensors
Pressure Sensors for Engine Control Units
Rotary Speed Sensors for the ESP
Sensors for Engine Test Benches
Tire Pressure Sensors
Transmission Control Modules



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