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Durakool Tilt Switches help prevent equipment rollover before it happens, avoiding personnel injury and expensive equipment damage. Alternatively they can detect rollover once it happens and automatically shut off engines, preventing further damage and expensive warranty claims by inhibiting engine re-start.

American Electronic Components Inc. (AEC) has introduced the Durakool TD4PO Series of Omni-directional Electronic Tilt Switches with up to 2 programmable trigger angles, alerting the user upon moving from a position of safety, to a position where caution is required (trigger angle 1), or to a position of danger (trigger angle 2).

Bruce Finke, VP Sales & Marketing AEC, commented “With a wide range of outputs and factory programmable tilt angles, we can customize a solution tailored to meet your application specific requirements”.

Typical applications include alerting the driver or operator of a vehicle, such as a crane or off-road dump truck when the vehicle becomes in danger of imminent roll-over. The two trigger angles can be used to inform the driver to take corrective action before the situation becomes serious. TD4PO Electronic Tilt Switches are equipped with a variety of output options, including dual PNP or dual NPN outputs, which can be used to drive a relay or interface into user wiring.

“AEC offers customers Durakool TD4PO Electronic Tilt Switches with industry standard M12 Male connectors, or wire ended leads to meet the customers’ requirements. We are able to offer advice and assist with custom design, utilizing our in-house engineering capability and production facility for rapid prototyping of custom parts. AEC is well equipped to develop products matching customer specific application requirements, call us and let us help you choose the right Electronic Tilt Switch (+44 (0) 1342 717102).” Concludes Finke.

Durakool TD4PO Electronic Tilt Switches are all fully RoHS compliant and are featured on the AEC web site.


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