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Hermetic Packaging


American Electronic Components Hermetic Packages are manufactured at our production and quality testing facility where we have an in-house engineering capability for rapid prototyping of custom parts. We are well equipped to develop high quality products that match customer specific application requirements and comply with International standards.

A wide range of materials are available for the body and glass contact. Traditional packaging consists of either:

A one-piece package - A body machined or formed from one piece of metal, with no seams or braze joints.

A multi-piece package – A four walled ring frame with separate bottom plate which is hermetically high temperature soldered or brazed. Combinations of materials can be used to confer benefits of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and weight.

A special-piece package – May be a one piece or multi-piece package including specific customization i.e., ceramic seals, die mount platforms or substrates, extended bottom plate or no bottom, fibre optic tube ports, unusual lead forming, windows etc.

Bathtub Hybrid Packages – Either a flat pack (with the terminal pins glass sealed parallel to the bath tub side wall) or, plug in (with the pins glass sealed to the bottom).

Using a wide range of materials including gold, inconel, hastelloy and titanium, we work with you as a member of your team, to achieve the seal and package configuration that meets your needs.

We are able to manufacture battery and power feedthrus, diode and photodiode housings, hybrid packages, microwave packages, quartz crystal packages, sensor packages to name a few and would be pleased to provide engineering support with your design.

A wide range of materials are available for the body and glass contact.

Click here to see examples of where our seals can be used.



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