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Industrial applications that require hermetic seals



There are numerous applications within industry where hermetic seals are able to provide the ideal readily available or custom made hermetically sealed solution.

Our seals are specifically designed to operate in high pressure environments, where temperatures can fluctuate between very high and very low extremes.


Industrial applications include:

Air conditioning
Automatic Remote Reading
Chemistry and Petro Chemistry
Electricity, Gas, Water Meters
Electronic Toll Collection
Gas Detection
Hermetic Special Housings for petroleum exploration and petroleum production
Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries
Mechanical Engineering
Oil Drilling
Refrigeration Technology
Renewable Energies - Wind Power, Water Power, Solar Thermal and Geothermal Energy
Sensors for Flow, Humidity, Level, Pressure and Temperature.
Ship Building
Truck and Container Tracking
Water and Wastewater Technology



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