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Specialized G-Force Sensor Switches

AEC G-Force Tilt Switch

Our highly specialized G-Force Sensor Switches are used frequently in industrial, automotive and military applications. Typically used in driver monitoring applications, helicopter rotor systems and tire pressure monitoring systems where the switches are mounted in each wheel. The G-Force sensor helps manage power consumption, switching on the power of the main pressure sensing circuit when relevant motion is detected. Additional applications for the G-Force sensor are numerous. The device can be applied anywhere a contact closure is needed to alert a circuit that the target force has been reached.

Tested for more than 10M operations, AEC’s G-force switches are highly reliable with proven failure rates of less than 1ppm. The main contact surfaces are gold, hermetically sealed with a dry high pressure gas and are of robust automotive grade. Standard G-Force ranges from 2.0 G and upwards with customized ranges available upon request. Contact resistance is typically

We carry out assembly and testing of the device on our fully automated production cell, producing two units per cycle at a rate of 1,800 per hour. In line with our stringent quality control procedures, all G-Force Switches are fully tested on our automated Spin Testing Cell, ensuring they meet our exacting performance characteristics.

We are very proud to be manufacturing and supplying a product that contributes so hugely to safety on the road and that has gained such high recognition, particularly in the motor industry.

For detailed information on HermaSeal's G-Force T018-20840, please view the datasheet.



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