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Cool Cooking with DM44 Durakool PCB Power Relays



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American Electronic Components introduces the Durakool DM44 PCB Power relay, originally developed by the AEC Team, to control the carcass cooling fan of wall mounted ovens, built into modern kitchen units. The DM44 is used in many domestic appliances, to turn on and off heating elements and to control cooling fans.

The DM44 has a 16A 277VAC rating suitable for heater and motor load switching. It operates between -30 to +105°C making it ideal for use in domestic appliances (white goods). Most PCB relays only operate up to 85°C and are usually placed in control panels, at the top of appliances, which is generally the hottest point. Inside white goods, such as cookers and washing machines, the temperature can rise higher than 85°C. Because the DM44 is able to operate up to 105°C, it is possible to locate multiple DM44's in various positions within appliances.

The relays have internal discrete silicon diodes for coil suppression and polarity reversal protection. The hybrid packaged RF700 & RF703 series reduces PCB floor space, by reducing the number of external components needed to drive the relay. The RF700 and RF703 are highly resistant to ESD eliminating the need for special precautions, whilst the hermetically sealed TO5 package provides excellent environmental protection and robustness. The minimum mass components and welded construction provide maximum resistance to shock and vibration.

Bruce Finke, VP Sales & Marketing at AEC, commented, "All relays used in domestic appliances are controlled by a number of different standards, which must be met. Not every PCB relay will meet the requirements for cookers and washing machines."

The 5000Vrms coil to contact isolation of the DM44 PCB Power Relay meets international standards for use in domestic electrical equipment. This power relay has a long electrical life of 100,000 operations (at rated load at 105°C.)

"You could say the DM44 is a really cool relay!." Concluded Finke.


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