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DG38L Leaves Industry Standard Relays Standing




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American Electronic Components Incorporated (AEC) introduces this unique PCB Power Relay, the DG38L from Durakool. Featuring a magnetic arc blowout, enabling the relay to switch 50% higher DC voltage than other relays of its type.

The DG38L is designed to switch in applications where the DC voltage exceeds 24VDC. As the relay opens it will pull an arc. With other relays of this type, if the contact gap is not big enough, the arc will not go out until the relay is damaged. However, with the DG38L, the magnet deflects the arc away from the contact as the relay opens, thus extinguishing the arc. The shielded fast-on blades for power terminals eliminate the need to put high currents and voltages on to PCB.

Said Keith Vanderbosch, Vice President of AEC, “Typically, this style of relay, which is an industry standard, can only switch 30A @ 24VDC/240VAC. The DG38L can handle voltages up to 80VDC (as an option) or 45A @ 28VDC as standard. This is 50% more than is usual for this style of relay”.

The relay measures a compact 32.2 x 27.5 x 28mm and its standard contact material is AgSnOInO. Suitable for applications requiring high current switching and higher voltage DC switching, this PCB Power relay is absolutely ideal for DC motor control (loads), winches, stair lifts, CNC machines, garage door motors, solar energy controllers, battery and wind power systems.

“An added benefit of this excellent solution is that it is extremely easy to upgrade into existing designs in the majority of cases,” Concluded Vanderbosch.


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